Professional Learning

Professional learning.  How and when does it happen?  It happens in so many ways, in so many places and this is how it should be. Learning must be meaningful, purposeful and most of all relevant to the individual(s) in such a way that it shifts their practice and “causes permanent change in knowledge and behaviour” as Steven Katz share with us in his video, What is Learning.

This page is meant to share some of my reflections and resources on the how of learning in both the physical and digital worlds.

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It’s always a blend of how we learn.  Learning is social and revolves around how we share with each other. Learning happens in person with others or online with others in connected ways. Alone or with others, learning is personal.

You own your learning.

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Ask how?

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Offer and respect choice.

Sharing Stories 1Sharing stories is key.  It’s how we learn.

Educator Collaborative Inquiry 

Connected Learning is a must.  No opting out.


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Edcamp Model – The Unconference at NO COST! 

Learning protocols are powerful.  I like them alot.  It’s a good idea when you are facilitating learning to embed learning protocols in the time set aside whether it be f2f or online. Learning protocols introduce process, help create a safe environment for sharing, promote active listening, promote the building trust and support equity of air time.

Here are some resource that outline learning protocols that you can think about embedding in learning experiences.  Be open to changing them up!
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