#OTRK12 Session & Sharing Outline

OTRK12.ca | On The Rise K-12: Enhancing Digital Learning begins tomorrow!

I am honoured to be facilitating a learning session entitled ” Professional Learning: Onground + Online = Super Visibility ”  and it’s for school and system leaders.

Here’s my session description:  
How do you find the sweet spot?  How do you blend professional learning – onground and online – to create a powerful collaborative learning culture among educators?  What works?  Why does it work? How do you know when it is working?  How do you start and continue building momentum? Let’s reflect on how what we do as leaders matters most of all.  It’s more than just modelling–being a connected learner who practices each and every day–is what we mean by Super Visibility.

Come discuss, share your ideas and bring tough questions on how technology enabled learning,  with a ‘no opt out – engage everybody’ focus, is possible.  In fact, it’s what we need most of all in thecontext of learning and teaching today.

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As Brandon Grasley mentions in his blogpost, Session Preparation for #ORTK12, the session is only an hour long.  Yes.  That’s right. So…

Here’s what I’m proposing as a guiding outline for us:
1.  Hellos
2.  Share some professional learning models – onground and online  – it’s always a blend
3.  From the stance as leader, list the questions you have about tech-enabled professional learning
4.  Begin to list together how to create a “no opt out – engage everybody focus” <— sharing stories
5.  Discuss why your practice matters most of all as a connected learner
6.  Wonder individually & as a group what’s the next best move in y(our) learning & make a plan
7.  Breathe (as Brandon suggests) and sustain our learning beyond this valuable f2f time

This is an ambitious and packed outline.  We’ll decide together how to keep it real. Looking forward to our time together.  See you soon!

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