Meme goes on…la, de, da, de, de

And the meme goes on. Sue Dunlop, a colleague and friend invited me to join in.  This is a neat way to get to know each other by sharing some facts about yourself and reaching out to others to do the same.  And as Dean Shareski comments, “it’s just an excuse to write, which is never a bad thing.”

This has been the nudge I need. Thanks Sue and many others!  Royan Lee shares that “being a bit allergic to [their] blog dashboards” can happen for some of us.  I’m going to really make it a priority to bring my blog back.  Bringing it back in a way that is meaningful for me and with any luck meaningful for others.  Donna Fry’s post captures nicely what should matter when we write.  It is so important to find the joy in writing down our thoughts and sharing them out there openly.This may seem like homework but it’s really not.  It’s a bit of work that is fun.

So here I go.
Random Facts About Myself:
1.    I drive an orange Jeep.  It’s always been a Jeep thing for me.
2.    I love post-it notes.
3.    I cannot watch TV without doing something else at the same time.  It kind of bothers my husband.
4.    I knit and bead.
5.    I was a mixologist for many years. I make a mean Rob Roy, Martini, Manhatten & Shirley Temple!
6.    I collect buttons and made a piece of artwork from my favourite ones. More to come.
7.    I lose things all the time, especially my keys.
8.    I speak french.
9.    I was an only child until I was twenty-one. I now have five brothers and one sister.
10.  I have four kids (31, 28, 27 and 17) and two grand-kids (5 and 2) with one on the way.
11.  At the end of the day, I believe that relationships matter most.

My Answers to the 11 Questions from Sue: 
1.  How many years in education? 22 years
2. Running, biking or swimming? Sometimes runner.  Do dog walks count?
3. Do you have a book recommendation for me? Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruis Zafon – fiction
4.Messy desk or clean desk?  It is always clean. See for yourself here.
5. Where do you get your blog ideas? From day to day happenings and stuff that makes me wonder, think and ask questions.
6.  Favourite recipe to make for someone you love?  Coconut curry.
7.  Funniest thing a student ever said to you?  That’s a tough question.  Happens all the time.  Best quote that I will never forget from 16 years ago in my one computer classroom at Holbrook School:  “Ms Brown, I like this way to write, you don’t need an eraser.  Just use the backspace key.”
8.  How can I make my blog better? Not sure.  I like how it flows. Maybe move your picture up.  You have a beautiful smile!
9.  Best place you’ve ever had a coffee? Hands down at Quatrefoil Restaurant.  It was french pressed.
10.  How often do you blog? Not often enough. I must confess that I have many draft posts.  Will be seeking more of a blend and balance of images, words and ways to express my thinking.
11.  When was the last time you attended a performance of Handel’s Messiah? I have never had the privilege.  Maybe you’ll take me sometime?

So here’s how it works:
1.  Acknowledge the nominating blogger.
2.  Tell us 11 random facts about yourself.
3.  Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
4.  List 11 bloggers.  Or more or less.  Your choice.
5.  Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer, and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated.  Don’t nominate the blogger who has nominated you.

Questions for you:
1.   What is your preferred mode of transportation?
2.   If someone asked you to give the a random piece of advice, what would you say?
3.   What is your favourite hobby?
4.   How do you like your eggs?
5.   What’s something you know you differently than most people?
6.   What movie must I be sure to watch? Why?
7.   When you have nothing pressing to do, what do you like to do?
8.   What is your preferred hot beverage?
9.   How do you say it?  Twenty fourteen OR two thousand and fourteen.
10.  What was your first job?
11.  What lesson(s) have you learned from your relationships?

So  la de da de da…now it’s your turn to keep this meme going on and share with us:
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Have fun!



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  1. Lisa, this is a great kick start to your blogging. I am really looking forward to more posts from you. I’ve read The Shadow of the Wind. Really good. And french pressed coffee is the best.

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