Twitter: True or False?

Twitter.  It’s a social media tool used by millions daily for many different reasons. No question, twitter is powerful.

When I ask ASPS students (grade 7 and 8)  how and when they use twitter their responses are most often connected to following famous people or checking out what is being said around possibly a particular event.  I’m not sure they see it a tool that can help them learn and network with others in the world. Continue reading

Staff Learning & Capturing Voice

Learning alongside is powerful and builds collective efficacy that nutures relationships, trust and risk-taking. On April 9th, 2013, the @AncasterSrPS Grade 8 teaching staff and I spent time learning together with @bloggucation and @mrjarbenne. The day’s theme focussed on sharing their wonderings and questions about our Grade 8 students transitioning to high school. The “how” was what was different because the day was designed to allow self-directed learning and choice.  We were learning through collaboration with tech tools that foster openness, transparency and choice in how to contribute.  The powerful learning was embedded in the staff choice and experiencing different ways of how one can express their thinking and ask questions.

Staff were learning as individuals because one size does not fit all. The key: leveraging the affordances of technology is the best way to go whenever possible because it allows one to express their thoughts in connected ways via text, image, video, audio creating optimal learning conditions focussed on choice.

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Snow Day is a Learning Day

I’m a wee bit late.  Sorry about that.  Better late than never, right?  Very excited to be joining in the #ETMOOC.

Here’s how it happened.  Keep your eyes open and imagine snow, sleet and ice.  Yes, that’s right today was a snow day in my part of the world. Schools closed. It happens in Ontario, Canada.

Snow Day

But that doesn’t mean learning and connecting stops for me.  I’m a connected learner. I couldn’t wait to fire up and mine twitter.  It’s been awhile that I’ve dedicated a whole day to just learning what I want to learn. Just exploring what I want to explore for a whole day. What a treat. Let me say, when you do spend a day like this learning, exploring and going wherever you happen to go, magic happens!

Today was a wonderful day of DIY learning.  Today was a day of blissful connected messy learning.  I was all by myself yet very much not alone.  Does that make sense? Sure it does.

So, that’s how I found #ETMOOC.  I’m thankful and looking forward to learning together with everyone.

Snow days are still learning days. Every day is a learning day.