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Hi, I’m Lisa Neale.

Never, ever stop learning.  It’s that simple.  Learning spaces are everywhere and this is a learning space.  It’s a space where I will share experiences, comments, resources and offer reflections on teaching and learning in all aspects of life – personal and professional.  For me, it’s all very much a blend.  It’s very much well-blended.  This is where I will post about the mix of people, experiences and things that create my blended life.

I am about being:

  • a learner and leader who knows that building relationships and trust are key to creating a culture of continuous learning
  • a believer in inquiry-based and social learning as questions matter more than the answers
  • a learner who is always looking to share, collaborate and co-learn with others in connected ways

As an educator and colleague of 20 years and in my current role as  the Principal of Ancaster Senior Public School in the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board, I am very much a believer in transforming how staff and students learn in our schools and in life.   As a mom, step-mom, grandma, wife, daughter, friend and citizen I strive to be the best I can be for my family and my community.

No question, there is a a vast array of informal and formal educational and life experiences that shape how, when and where we learn.  In the 21st century more than ever, learning is about building relationships with others from all over the world.  It’s about networking and collaborating with each other using the social web.   Through different media, learning is more than ever “just in time”.  Learning happens anytime, anyplace, anywhere and with anyone.  There is no demographic nor boundaries or timelines when it comes to learning with and from each other.  We learn and create together and  through our contributions the world becomes a better place.  It really is about improving life chances for all.

No matter where we come from I am reminded that learning is all around us.  It’s all about connecting bits of information together in new ways and sharing it back.  Life is full of responsibility, distraction and most importantly, opportunity.  In the day to day flurry of it all, even when it doesn’t seem like it, we are learning.

I like that learning is messy, unpredictable and everywhere. Looking forward to connecting and learning with you.


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